Tugay ESE (Co-founder & CEO)

For him,“Xerians Game is a long term project. Everyday and every move will be better than before”

His favorite Xerians are Xaladin, Xamses and Xikito

Over 15 years of experience in Digital Transformation and over 5 years of experience in the technology sector. Co-Founder of RPA&AI Based Technology Company PRP Business Solutions.

Tuğçe ESE (Co-founder )

For her, "Xerians is an utopic and infinite game universe. Come on, enjoy this project!"

Her favorite Xerians is Xegnaro.

After 25 years of experience in customer experience and business process management, has co-founded RPA&AI Based Technology Company PRP Business Solutions.

Eren DOĞANAY (Head of Business Development)

For him,“Xerians Game is not only an NFT Game. Xerians will be become a lifetime experience.”

His favorite Xerian is Xemo.

Over 10 years of experience in Digital Transformation with Process&Business Development in many technology areas. BD of RPA&AI Based Technology Company PRP Business Solutions & NFTPrime Inc.

Yarkın SAKARYA (Artist)

For him, “It is a bird ! It is a plane ! No, it is a Xerian!”

His favorite Xerian is Xalesa.

Defining himself as a comic illustrator and experienced in this area. Stepped into the game industry as a clean up artist. Still working freelance in many illustration and theming projects.


For him, "Sometimes, the cards play you".

His favorite Xerian is Xegnaro.

Over 20 years experience in designing, implementing and managing numerous successful software solutions for companies in the aviation, tourism, media , e-commerce and logistic sectors . Responsible of the company's development processes, system integration.

Sarp DEMİREL (Community Lead)

For him, “Xerians Game has potential to be one of the best NFT Game, and i’m glad to be a part of it”.

His favorite Xerian is Xikito.

Over 15 years experince in gaming, 10 years of experience in live streaming and social platform moderation.

Ceyda KARAARSLAN (Project Manager)

For her, “Xerians is an NFT project that will turn a big fantasy into reality. ”

Her favorite Xerian is Xenesha.

Over 20 years experince in customer experience , BPM and project management. Started to work in NFT and blockchain project in the last years.

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