Investor Market

Investor Market is the perfect solution of 2 potential problems:

  1. Xerns who don’t have a Xerian but want to play the game

  2. Xerns who have a Xerian but don’t want to spend $XRNS to play

Investor Market brings these 2 types of Xerns together. Type 2 can put their cards to Investor Market to receive offers from Investors (Type 1) to rent out their Xerians. They shape their agreement together.

The agreement parameters:

  1. Investment amount (the price that Investor provides)

  2. Number of matches

  3. Revenue distribution


Xern K has a Heroic Card and would like to play in a high rated Xerena. Since the price is high, Xern K needs an Investor to play and puts forth an offer. Investor L wants to join matches without purchasing a Xerian. They agree on Xern K’s price offer to play together for 6 matches and share the revenue %70 to %30.

*To become an Investor, Xern must purchase an Investor Card from the in-game store

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