Xerians is an NFT-based play-to-earn card game on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Blockchain Network. Mechs (named Xerians) are carefully hand-drawn and crafted within all aspects. The collection of 11.111 Xerians is created in the mindset of prioritizing high-quality work.

Each Xerian consists of 9 different layers, including 5 body parts, 1 card and 3 boosters. Each body part stands for a different skill (ex. Head for Intelligence). During the minting process of a Xerian NFT, all layers will be generated randomly. Each Xerian will belong to a race according to their body parts.

Members of Xerian Universe are called “Xerns”.

Xerians are 3 different characters: Chieftains, Unique Xerians and Xerian Soldiers. There are 5 rarities according to card and skill scores: Heroic, Super Rare, Rare, Epic, Common. Chieftains belong to Heroic rarity and are the most powerful characters. Unique Xerians are Super Rare and second most powerful ones. Xerian Soldiers are divided into 3 rarities of Rare, Epic, Common.

To start their adventures in 1v1 or 3v3 matches, Xerns need to purchase a battle ticket. These matches take place in battle arenas called “Xerenas”. Each Xerena is unique and boosts one of the 5 skills with a particular multiplier (for example in a Xerena, 1.2x intelligence score). Xerns are able to choose the price of a Xerena ticket but they are not able to choose which particular Xerena they’ll play in.

A match starts when all slots are filled. The order of players is randomly allocated; one team hits first, then the other team hits. This goes on turn by turn until a team loses all of their skills scores. Both sides’ hits are based on a randomly chosen skill.

For example:

1st turn: Team 1 hits with its intelligence to Team 2’s power

2nd turn: Team 2 hits with its strength to Team 1’s speed

A team’s total scores of each skill are determined by individual Xerians’ layers (body parts, boosters, card), multipliers of races, and Xerenas’ multipliers. At the end of the match, the winner(s) increase their Xerians’ skill scores and get a percentage of the match’s total prize pool (sum of the ticket prices). The losing team’s Xerians’ skill scores are deducted.

In order to improve their winning chances, Xerians’ scores could be upgraded to reach higher values since all layers are replaceable with higher scoring parts (except Chieftains and Unique Xerians).

Xerns can purchase or sell layers via the in-game store using $XRNS (the utility token of Xerians Universe). Xerns can also buy and sell Xerenas to have an additional income.

Xerns have multiple revenue streams in Xerians:

  1. Winning matches

  2. Renting out or selling Xerenas

  3. Selling Xerians NFTs

  4. Selling body parts and boosters

  5. Staking $XRNS

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