Game Mechanics

Xerns can play in matches with their Xerians. The chance of winning will be increased as the total skill score of a Xerian increases. The total skill score of each Xerian depends on the character type, layers, races, Xerenas and the match history.

All Xerians have 9 layers: 5 body parts, 1 card and 3 boosters. Each body part stands for a different skill (Head for Intelligence, Body for Strength, Arms for Power, Legs for Speed and Backpack for Strategy). Cards and boosters multiply particular skills according to their type.

In Xerian Universe, there are 3 character types. They will be generated randomly and categorized according to their card and skill scores. Chieftains are the strongest. Unique Xerians follow them by being the second strongest; and Xerian Soldiers have the lowest rarity scores. Chieftains and Unique Xerians won’t be separated into layers; Xerian Soldiers will have separated body parts that are replaceable and upgradeable.

In addition to layers, there are also Races that boost the skill scores for Unique Xerians and Xerian Soldiers in Xerian Universe as each Unique Xerian represents a Race. Body parts of Xerians belong to different Races. The Race belonging to the majority of the body parts determines a Xerians’ Race. In a case where there isn’t a majority Race, the Head’s race determines the Race.

1v1 or 3v3 matches take place on Xerenas (Xerenas also have multipliers for each skill score of a Xerian). Xerns are only allowed to play in their own skill score ranged rooms. To provide a fair game, Xerns can’t see Xerenas’ multipliers or potential team members; they only see the ticket prices.

A match starts when all slots are filled. The order of players is randomly allocated; the competing skills are chosen randomly. In 3v3 matches, the total score of a team is equal to the sum of each player’s skill scores.

The team’s total scores of each skill are determined by individual Xerians’ layers (body parts, a booster, and a card color), multipliers of races, and Xerenas’ multipliers. At the end of the match, the winner(s) increase their Xerians’ skill scores and get a percentage of the match’s total prize pool (sum of the ticket prices). The losing team’s Xerians’ skill scores are deducted.

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