Game Economy

Token symbol: $XRNS


In-game Payment Method: Xerns will use their $XRNS as the payment currency in Xerians Universe. Xerns can buy boosters, body parts and Xerenas via the in-game store.

Xerena Passive Income: Xerena owners can gain rent in $XRNS. Xerns need to buy a Xerena first to rent out for passive income.

Staking: There are different options of staking $XRNS in the game. Different stake terms and stake amounts can be chosen to gain different rewards.

$XRNS Token farming: Xerns can upgrade their Xerians’ skills by locking different amounts of $XRNS. This process will be present until the game release.

NFT Investing: $XRNS tokens can be used to invest on Xerians for battles.

NFT Upgrades: $XRNS tokens can be used to build and/or upgrade your Xerians.

Rewards: Xerns can stake their $XRNS tokens to receive random rewards such as boosters and body parts.

Governance: Xerns can lock $XRNS to gain voting rights for the new features and gain pre-sales rights for the future collectibles.

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